• Vacancy Dynamics on CO-covered Pt(111) Electrodes
    [2020-07-27] USTC reported video-STM observations of additional point defects in the presence of this dynamic CO adlayer.
  • Experimental Optimal Verification of Entangled States Using Local Measurements
    [2020-07-23] USTC experimentally implement a scalable quantum state verification on two-qubit and four-qubit entangled states with nonadaptive local measurements.
  • USTC Makes Breakthrough in the Sb2(S,Se)3 Solar Cell Efficiency
    [2020-07-21] USTC developed a hydrothermal deposition method for the synthesis of antimony selenosulfide for solar cell applications.
  • USTC finds the ultimate precision limit of multi-parameter quantum magnetometry
    [2020-07-19] It obtained the ultimate precision for the estimation of all three components of a magnetic field.
  • USTC recognized as "Institution of the Year 2019" by Cell Press
    [2020-07-18] and one paper of Prof. XUE Tian was awarded "The Annual Paper in China of Cell Press in 2019".
  • USTC Achieves Million Core Parallel First-principles Computing Simulation on Sunway TaihuLight
    [2020-07-17] It illustrates that the large-scale first-principles materials simulation in long time periods has become reality.
  • Researchers Realize Nanoscale Electrometry Based on Magnetic-Field-Resistant Spin Sensor
    [2020-07-16] The method is more robust to the magnetic noise.
  • Population-Monitoring-based Report of Asymptomatic Patients and Asymptomatic Phrases of COVID-19 Released
    [2020-07-15] Mass monitoring proposed three types of asymptomatic carriers and showed low asymptomatic proportion.
  • SCI Impact Factor of CMI Hits a Record High
    [2020-07-13] SCI Impact factor of Cellular and Immunology (CMI) reasches 8.484.
  • USTC Reports Biosynthetic Sustainable Hierarchical Solar Steam Generator
    [2020-07-08] A research team led by Prof. YU Shuhong reported an efficient and sustainable biomimetic hierarchical solar steam generator (HSSG) based on bacterial cellulose (BC) nanoc...
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  • Data fusion and statistical learning in patient care cycle: from diagnosis to ca...

    01-10, 16:00-17:00, Room 1418,Management Research Building, East Campus

    The McShane Identity

    01-09, 15:10-16:10, Room 1418,Management Research Building, East Campus

    On numerically trivial automorphisms of surfaces and threefolds

    01-09,14:30-15:30, Room 5206, The 5th Teaching Building, East Campus

    Hausdorff measure estimate of nodal set in manifold with lower Ricci curvature

    01-09, 14:00-15:00, Room 1418,Management Research Building, East Campus

    Synchrotron Soft X-ray Spectromicroscopies at the Canadian Light Soure

    01-08, 14:30, Room210, National Synchrotron Radiation LaboratoryBuliding 3, West Campus

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